TeeSpy Review -- Could It Help You Earn 1000s of $$$ Promotion T-Shirts on the Web?


Finds thousands in minutes of best layouts
Can filter results based on FB Likes, cost, and revenue
Carries a market finder application that is fantastic
Free trial interval
Intuitive and Simple to Use


Requires monthly subscription

Forgive me, but this TeeSpy review's beginning is going to be somewhat dry. I'm going to cover what this t shirt spy tool can do this know exactly what they're engaging in. Either have a look at the graph above if you're in a hurry or skip down for my final decision.

What's TeeSpy and What Does It Do?

TeeSpy Pro is really just a part of computer software that helps you discover the hottest selling tshirt designs by spying other internet sellers. The program registers campaigns on most of the selling sites. It then attracts all that data and organizes it in a. This software may be used to scan whats favorite or trending on major social networking websites.
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Research Tools that Make up This Spy

TeeSpy has research tools that match eachother. Some programs let you do research that is predictive, but others let you spy on the competition.


The Campaigns tab enables you to decide whether you wish to see the most recent shirt layouts, the top-selling layouts, or perhaps the layouts with the highest engagement. TeeSpy attracts and Redbubble and info apart. All of the info is then organized by it neatly foryou. You can filter the results based on the number of dates, price, style, FB likes, earnings, and a few other important metrics. Pay attention to the graphic below to see what exactly the Campaigns section looks like.

TeeSpy Campaigns


Yet another tool which enables you to view what's trending in Buzzfeed, Google, along with Twitter. Some of the themes that are trending can get great shirt notions or top me-me notions. This trends include is all about jumping in front of your competition instead of taking a look at exactly what they are doing.


Inside this section you will discover. You'll find a way to make use of a site address and keywords to get design ideas. By way of instance, you can type in the key word'nurse' and use www.teespring.com to track tshirt ads that are related to nursing. You'll want to save it into your idea 26, if you come up on a top that's 100 shares and atleast 500 Likes afterward.

This section includes got the face-book pursuits instrument which will help you find audiences that are interested in the top designs you wish to promote. Size and the viewer name is listed for you.

Inspiration is a superb feature which lets you search P interest, Wanelo, Skreened, Zazzle, and CafePress for ideas related to your niche or keywords. This really is great as you can get a sense of the type of designs people like the most.

Inspiration for T Shirts

As an instance, using Pinterest you can find some phrases that are cool to design tops. I discovered a few"fishing" that I really could use to generate some trendy t shirts. It is possible to sort the results by re-pins, enjoys, or comments. Many tshirt designers look for a fantastic notion, utilize the re-pin option, come up with a top design. And you certainly can certainly do exactly the exact task!

TeeSpy has an option to setup alarms that notify you when other shirts along with your chosen key words become available. You are able to be informed based on societal participation or earnings criteria after investing on your key words. Or it is possible to setup an alert to both (you have to accomplish each alert separately). The alarms may be installed to your email or desktop either hourly, daily, or even weekly.


There is also a markets option that allows you dip right into popular niches. You're able to go deeper to each niche by clicking the"Locate sub-niches" button. This tool can allow you to find a lot of profitable niches and cool product ideas.

Does It Have Gliches or some Bugs?

This program works smooth. I didn't experience any crashes or bugs while playing it (3 hours). It brings the research up quickly. I also like it is aesthetically pleasing, well at version 2.0 is also that's the existing version.

Final Verdict: TeeSpy Is Just a MUST HAVE Tool for Any Online Shirt Seller

I personally feel this is a vital tool if you want to go into the selling enterprise. It makes it simple to do research and saves you a lot of time. You improve upon them, can come across the designs for every niche , and make some money! The developers let you check it out without asking for the emailaddress. I do believe when developers let people test their merchandise, it's great. Otherwise, prospects simply possess software reviews to rely on. Whatever the situation, I would urge TeeSpy whole heartedly! It's awesome!

A Few of My Ideas

Well, I have finished my TeeSpy review, however, I needed to put in my two cents on the selling business. I recognize some web marketers are promoting selling t shirts as a business. They make it seem as if it's super duper. Much like all you have to do is designing a top notch, set a handful of face-book ads , and the sales will roll in.

The reality is that shirt sales is a competitive business which involves doing lots of research and testing.

The majority of your designs will bomb Once you are first beginning I know this by experience. I started a couple of years ago and money was lost by also my campaigns. I did not know what I do but it looked like everyone was making money selling T-Shirts online therefore that I wanted a bit of the activity. This was so that it started out until TeeSpy was devised.

With TeeSpy at the side, you will have an easier time. This tool could save a lot of headaches! Also it does make things easier for you personally. Especially the research part.

Still, shirt attempting to sell is challenging. Although you've got a tool that is excellent such as TeeSpy to assist you perform research, you need to do a lot of testing. And you will see some growing pains!

Be committed and do not just give up in case you experience a few setbacks.

I would like to fulfill a word of warning. TeeSpy makes it quite easy to locate the selling T-Shirt layouts, but usually do not fall into the trap of straight up copying them because that's outright THEFT and eventually you can pay for it! Do not be one particular thieving"copy & paste" guys. Use this application to learn what's hot and produce your own designs.

Very good luck!

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